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SMART Payment Plan is a reliable biweekly payment system company that offers its clients and dealers the best security and services possible so they never have to worry about stolen information or late payments. SMART Payment Plan offers several advantages to consumers looking for a more affordable way to pay their mortgages and other loans, but many lenders and sellers have also found that they benefit from the excellent service quality that the company offers.    More

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Welcome to Smart Payment Plan

SMART Payment Plan offers a sensible alternative to conventional mortgage repayment. If you currently have a mortgage, then you probably make monthly payments. Many people find that these large monthly payments drain their accounts. This often happens because they get paid by their employers every other week, yet they are expected to make astronomical payments to their mortgage companies at the end of the month. Why not put your mortgage payments on the same schedule as your income?

SMART Payment Plan Makes More Sense

That's what SMART Payment Plan does. It sets up a loan repayment schedule that mirrors your income schedule. You get paid every other week, so you make payments every other week. That way you always have enough funds to make the payment without worry.

How Smart Payment Plan's Biweekly Schedule Works

With SMART Payment Plan, you make one half payment every other week. These smaller amounts are easier to pay than large end-of-the month bills. This is especially true if your heating, electricity, phone, insurance, and other bills also come at the end of the month. With so many bills due at the same time, it's difficult to make a realistic budget that can take emergence expenditures into consideration. SMART Payment Plan only asks you to make half payments, though, so you don't have to suffer the anxiety of writing a lot of big checks.

The Benefits of SMART Payment Plan's Biweekly Schedule

There are other benefits to SMART Payment Plan's biweekly schedule. Perhaps the most appealing benefit is that you will get out of debt faster with our payment schedule. That's because you end up making 13 whole payments each year instead of 12. If you have a 15-year mortgage, then you will finish paying off the debt more than a year sooner than someone on a conventional payment schedule.